At LnG, we believe that taking an efficient, effective approach to IT is the best way to maintain and improve your network and systems. Our main goal is providing our clients with proactive, thoughtful, and collaborative solutions to IT administration and support. We take a comprehensive approach to finding issues before they arise, and addressing them before they become problems. When problems do occur, we dedicate our team to fixing problems in such a way that minimizes downtime and allows our clients to continue their work. We do this with a small group of experts that all share the same values for helping our clients with a wide range of IT-related issues. We don’t view our clients as a set of devices or numbers; rather, we view our clients as they are: people who need our help.

As an added service, LnG offers IT relocation services for businesses in Dallas. For more information, email us at

Our services include routine maintenance, preventative troubleshooting and monitoring, and IT planning to address potential issues. Additionally, we offer on-site and remote services for troubleshooting and supporting specific services including but not limited to:

  • Desktop Support
  • Technical Support
  • Cloud Management
  • Mobility
  • Network Security Including Hardware and Software firewalls
  • Network and External Load balancers
  • Server implementations
  • Routers & Switches
  • Network Proxy configuration
  • Storage and File Share management
  • Email/Exchange server management
  • Database storage and management
  • Network cabling